S&S for KIDS!

Sing & Shout for KIDS! is an interactive program teaching life lessons and good values through action songs, skits with our loveable characters, and PUPPETS!

Toddlers to pre-teens will love Jack and Maggie, Harriet, Boliver, Gertrude, Rufus Badnasty, Cordelia and Friends, and the rest of the Sing & Shout gang as they get into all sorts of shenanigans! The lessons learned at Sing & Shout for kids won’t be soon forgotten. Adults will have a good time right along with the kiddos, and nobody will want to miss the grand finale, the blacklight puppet show! There is a time for prayer following the program.

Program length is approximately an hour followed by snacks.

No admission and everyone is welcome to join us every second Saturday.

Our Program materials and prerecorded puppet skits are available for download in the bookstore.

Meet the Puppets


Addie lives in Puppetville with her mother.  She has many allergies,  for which her mom frequently takes her to the doctor.  She is very helpful and concerned about events that take place in Puppetville, and she will lay aside her own comfort to help other puppets when the need arises. The puppet population of Puppetville loves Addie and has no problem talking her down when she gets too carried away.


Tye lives downtown Puppetville,  with his parents, who  emigrated  to the United States from Singapore when he was a baby.   He maintains a fascination with his heritage and keeps the puppets loudly informed of historical and current facts about Singapore. He is a good friend to have in a tight spot.  The  puppets depend on Tye to rescue them from sticky situations at times.


Myra lives with her family in Puppetville and cares passionately that the puppets have a productive and peaceful life.


Rosa lives with her grandmother on Main Street in Puppetville.  She  lost  her  parents  in   a   car  accident  when  she  was  a  baby.   Rosa’s grandmother  has  taught her to cook wonderful,  authentic  Mexican food which is a very big draw for the puppets to spend time at Rosa’s house!


Josh  loves music and singing and it is nothing for him to burst into an appropriate song in any given situation.  He lives with his mom and dad and siblings in Puppetville.


In Puppetville, nobody really knows if Eggmont is a nickname or his real name—not even Eggmont!  Eggmont is a little younger that the rest of the puppet crowd, but he tries to stay in the game. The puppets try to lead him right, and they give him stern instruction at times, which Eggmont receives cheerfully and well.  They all know there is no one in Puppetville who is more helpful than Eggmont—all the puppets know when they need someone to do the tasks no one else wants to do…Eggmont will!